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Summary of the 10 most effective lead generation strategies on LinkedIn
You have a good product or service, and a good sales funnel (this step is essential). The next question is how to generate as many leads as possible each week to speed up your operations.
Chloe Nguyen10 min read
Best Tool to Collect Linkedin Contact Info
More time saving, less time wasting. We provide the “golden key” to open the treasure of contact information of LinkedIn profiles.
Chloe Nguyen4 min read
Top Marketers’ Ultimate Secrets to Boost Sales
Short answer: Buyer persona and Retarget Marketing. Buyer persona and Retarget marketing have a symbiotic relationship. Marketers can utilize insights from remarketing campaigns to improve Buyer persona models
Duke Vu8 min read
Scrape All Your Linkedin Search Results With Just One Click!
To better serve you in reaching out and establishing connections with company employees, college alumni, and promising candidates, Linked Booster has developed a highly effective automation tool, which saves you tons of time.
Duke Vu8 min read
How to Manage 1st-degree Connections on Linkedin
Therefore, the missing contacts and deals which do not manage well can cost you a thousand dollars in marketing, sales, and recruiting industry. That’s why we need all the help we can get when it comes to managing our vast contact network on LinkedIn.
Duke Vu2 min read
Linked Booster Dashboard Updates
We understand that reporting results are crucial for your work and it comes with your own set of challenges. Since version 9.2.0, Linked Booster allows users to export selected profiles from dashboard to CSV file.
Chloe Nguyen3 min read
A New Adventure With Template Manager – Why Every Linkedin Users Should Know About This Feature
The automated tool on Linkedin – Linked Booster launches a template manager – a feature that helps users create frequently used messages content quickly. Optimize the use of tools and save time.
Duke Vu4 min read
Tuyển Dụng Linkedin Hiệu Quả Cùng Với Linked Booster
Với 3 triệu tài khoản Linkedin tại Việt Nam với mục đích networking cho các doanh nghiệp cùng nhóm nhân sự chất lượng trải dài các lĩnh vực chất lượng cao phần mềm, kế toán, marketing
Duke Vu3 min read