Scrape All Your Linkedin Search Results With Just One Click!
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To better serve you in reaching out and establishing connections with company employees, college alumni, and promising candidates, Linked Booster has developed a highly effective automation tool, which saves you tons of time.

It is an undoubted truth that LinkedIn provides numerous professional benefits, for both job-seekers and for recruiters. Networking is one of the most important factors to secure a job interview when you apply for a full-time job, particularly when the job market is becoming more and more competitive. And heck yes, not to mention the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to tremendous job cuts across companies and industries, raising the stakes of job hunting. Also, recruiters from companies have to compete aggressively against each other to attract the best stars.

Now, the big question is how can you stand out in the race? Probably the most popular way is contacting the employees from your dream company, scheduling an introduction talk with them, and building close relationships over time. An alternative way is connecting with your college alumni. Trust us, the college connection between you is a really powerful force that you would like to utilize, and the alumni are happy to help you too. To recruiters, the answer is not different. They need to actively reach out to potential candidates as well.

To better serve you in reaching out and establishing connections with company employees, college alumni, and promising candidates, Linked Booster has developed a highly effective automation tool, which saves you tons of time when you need to create an Excel sheet to store all valuable information you need.

So, the next steps you need to know are how to use LinkedBooster to automatically download all of your LinkedIn search results into an Excel spreadsheet. The process is very simple and only takes you a couple of minutes maximum.

Also, near the end of this post, we will tell you another surprising usage suggestion that you can use with Linked Booster to open your social circle and nurture your hobbies. And guess what? That is not about finding a job nor recruiting employees at all!

Now, open your LinkedIn page. Here we go!

1. Download profiles of the company’s employees

  1. The first step is tying the name of the company you want to apply to in the LinkedIn search bar. Next, choose filter results by clicking on “Companies”. Open the company LinkedIn page and view all company employees’ Linkedin profiles.
  2. After that, filter the profiles you are interested in making your choice on filter options from LinkedIn, for example, locations in the following picture:
  3. Reload if you do not see the Linked Booster extension’s buttons.
  4. Click Snatch found results. Select the number of profiles you want to save to the Dashboard.
  5. Fill in Tags for profiles. Let’s say,Employees-Estee Lauder NY in this example. Click Proceed.
  6. When the process is finished, go to the LinkedBooster dashboard.
  7. Click “Tag” on the left toolbar to see all tags. Then, hit the tag you just created to see the list of the company’s employees.
  8. Select all profiles. The last step is choosing the option “Download as CSV”.

And tada! Now you have the complete and nicely formatted Excel spreadsheet of employees from your dream company. Let’s connect with them and have intimate conversations!

2. Scrape LinkedIn contacts of your college’s alumni

Very similar to the steps we do in the first example, here is what you need to do.

  1. First, type your school’s name into the search bar.
  2. Choose People in the first filter. Then, choose New York, United States under the Location dropdown menu.
  3. Type in the name of your dream company to see if there are any alumni working at that firm. For example, I would like to look for alumni working at Goldman Sachs in the NYC office.
  4. If you are not sure what companies you would like to apply to, no worries! You can make adjustments to have more advanced filters if you click All filters and customize your choices. For example, you can filter alumni by their past companies, by their graduate schools, or even by industry.
  5. Now, hit the Reload again. Click Snatch found results on the right. Create the tag you want for the list. For instance, “Washington and Lee – Goldman Sachs – NYC” in this example. Hit Proceed.
  6. When the process is complete, open your LinkedIn dashboard and click Tags on the left to see your alumni list. Select all profiles and choose to download every account as an Excel spreadsheet.

See? A list of alumni contacts is clearly organized – much easier for you to keep track of the networking progress. Building up valuable relationships with your alumni cannot be simpler with Linked Booster.

3. Export LinkedIn information of all potential candidates

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Searching for an ideal candidate who can excel in the job is never easy. The process takes time, sweats, and may or may not, possibly tears as well. Yet, the good news is Linked Booster can help you save lots of the first two items (and hopefully can wipe off tears as well)

Imagine that you are a recruiter of a tech company in LA, and you are looking for stelar front-end engineers with front-end skills. You want to hire the best talents, maybe steal the best engineers from tech giants. However, the problem is how to find and store data of those stars.

Relax, get a cup of tea, and let Linked Booster do your work.

  1. First, type in the name of the position you need to recruit. In this example, let’s type “front-end engineers” in the search bar. Next, filter by “People” and “Los Angeles, CA” for location. You can use Boolean search articles Here also can use advanced search to filter front-end, or React as skills to have better results.
  2. Now, you have approximately 6,000 results for potential candidates. Well, you can always narrow down the number by setting other advanced filters, like their current companies, past companies, or schools, etc.
  3. Once you have all your preferences filtered, the next step is similar to the process in the two previous examples. You hit the Reload button and Snatch found results. Choose the number of accounts that you want to display and create a list to store the profile of suitable candidates. Click Proceed.
  4. Let the program run itself. Once finished, open your LinkedIn dashboard and just repeat the procedure: click Tags on the left toolbar – select all profiles – export information as CSV.

So, Linked Booster helps you organize every piece of information you need to pick the brightest minds. Enjoy the results and get ready for the next steps in the recruitment process.

4. Recruit members for your club from LinkedIn

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Okay, you are an active person who loves hiking trips on weekends, and you are fond of gathering people with the same interests from the city where you live. It may be a huge surprise, but Linked Booster can assist you in managing data as you look for hiking buddies. Furthermore, the secret that many famous and high-impact people in the world access networking by sports activities, you can explore further by this Article.

Now, type in “hiking” in the LinkedIn search bar. Filter by People and Location, let’s say LA (again). Next, you want to have more in-depth filters, such as filters by Schools or Companies, or even by Languages. It’s a great combo to have your colleagues or school fellows as future hiking buddies. Pick “University of California, Los Angeles” in this case.

When you finish setting up your filters, move on to Snatch found results by clicking the Reload icon. Then, you may like to choose a number of club members and create a list to organized save the hiking folks’ information. Hit Proceed after that.

The next step is opening your LinkedIn dashboard. Click Tags on the left bar to open your list you just created, then select all profiles. Finally, just click download as CSV, and LinkedBooster has everything ready for you!

What are you still waiting for? Download Linked Booster and find your buddies for the next hiking trip!

Hmm, okay, now you have every piece of information you want, either for work purposes or for hobbies solely. That is awesome, right? Yet, another equivalently important thing to do is how you should analyze and process the data, which is already clearly organized and nicely formatted.

No worries! Linked Booster got your back again, as always! The only thing you need to do is subscribe to our blog. The next time when we release the instruction post about data analysis, it will be sent automatically to your email address. No further work needed! If you want to engage with Linkedin new prospects to turn into networks, find it Here.

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