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#1 Linkedin Cold Message Templates With 60% Follow-up 2023
Your customers receive dozens of invitations on LinkedIn every day. How to make your invitation so simple and attractive that customers can not ignore it
Chloe Nguyen7 min read
Summary of the 10 most effective lead generation strategies on LinkedIn
You have a good product or service, and a good sales funnel (this step is essential). The next question is how to generate as many leads as possible each week to speed up your operations.
Chloe Nguyen10 min read
What is a good linkedin headline
LinkedIn is a social network that helps businesses and professionals connect with each other, share thoughts and ideas, build relationships, and even recruit talent. The first piece of information people see when they click on your profile is your profile name, image and headline
Chloe Nguyen6 min read
Flash Sale! 90% OFF on Linked Booster Lifetime Deal
We, Linked Booster, are offering LinkedIn automation solutions to support entrepreneur recruiters, marketers, sales around the world
Chloe Nguyen2 min read
How to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Business
In reality, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the professional network to rely on when your aim is to develop your range of B2B contacts and potential customers.
Chloe Nguyen8 min read
Best Tool to Collect Linkedin Contact Info
More time saving, less time wasting. We provide the “golden key” to open the treasure of contact information of LinkedIn profiles.
Chloe Nguyen4 min read
Top Marketers’ Ultimate Secrets to Boost Sales
Short answer: Buyer persona and Retarget Marketing. Buyer persona and Retarget marketing have a symbiotic relationship. Marketers can utilize insights from remarketing campaigns to improve Buyer persona models
Duke Vu8 min read
Scrape All Your Linkedin Search Results With Just One Click!
To better serve you in reaching out and establishing connections with company employees, college alumni, and promising candidates, Linked Booster has developed a highly effective automation tool, which saves you tons of time.
Duke Vu8 min read
Guide to Develop Buyer Personas That Drives Sales ( Part 1)
A buyer persona is a person who represents the company’s ideal customer. Customers are the key factor to define your business and lead you to be a tremendous success. So how can we understand customer profiles?
Duke Vu6 min read