A New Adventure With Template Manager – Why Every Linkedin Users Should Know About This Feature
The automated tool on Linkedin – Linked Booster launches a template manager – a feature that helps users create frequently used messages content quickly. Optimize the use of tools and save time.

Template manager – A new feature of Linked Booster that makes message content available to save users time.

The automated tool on Linkedin – Linked Booster launches a template manager – a feature that helps users create frequently used messages content quickly and extremely handy in sending invitations, messages to partners, customers, candidates, … optimize the use of tools and save time.

In addition, Linked Booster continues research to develop AI systems that can statistically compare and compare templates. We will create template libraries including sample messages with the highest response rate, applications in many fields such as recruitment, sales, investment calling, etc.

It is undeniable that Linkedin is the largest job social network currently focusing on the audience of businesses, or professional individuals who need to connect to sell, seek opportunities, recruit. use talent. With a large number of users who are experts, directors, senior managers, you can search, access unlimited profiles, and connect, build relationships with them, from which to access. target market.

It can be seen that Linkedin attracts the most attention in the current context, when the epidemic continues to threaten economic development and social normalization. Compared to before, the solution considered to be the most effective for every individual is to clean up the whole life, all work to the online world. The fact that everyone has this tendency makes us need to do something outstanding to be able to adapt quickly and survive the epidemic. And the opportunity opened up is the application of intelligent tools, automation, science to effectively support people in their work. This makes Linked Booster reach out to you with a noticeable effect.

The latest version of Linked Booster with template manager feature to serve more comprehensive needs of users. With the template manager, users can create, store, and manage frequently used message content. “The unique content of the outreach message with Linked Booster’s auto-connect mode is one of the fastest ways for you to expand the relationship, seize the opportunity on LinkedIn proactively – Guest by Jamie Carragher from New York

The interface of the template manager is streamlined and easy to use. With a full options of syntax such as {{firstName}}, {{lastName}}, {{fullName}}, {{position}}, {{company}} users can create warm messages and friendly to other LinkedIn accounts. After creating the message, users can view the preview to check and finalize the final version before using it multiple times. In addition, Linked Booster also develops an AI system for template managers, tracking the effectiveness of each template such as number of times used, number of times with specific and clear feedback.

template manager for Linked Booster help organize and manage customers.

The template manager feature is built on the user experience. With the content of the message being used many times, users often have to save it on another source and then copy it to LinkedIn. Now, all that is done on Linked Booster starting from prototyping, setting and sending automatically to help users save time and improve productivity.

Template manager is quite popular feature today. For example, Sendgrid, the template was born to adapt to the trend of using an email template multiple times for the purpose of exploitation or customer care. For Linked Booster, the template manager allows use in both friend invitations and LinkedIn messages. Ultimately, this gadget will bring the highest efficiency of interaction with users, thus making a difference in an age when all the goods are moved from shelves to the internet.

In the coming time, Linked Booster will continue to develop features according to users’ needs, along with auto-connect, auto tag, template manager, scrape Linkedin profiles … to be able to easily set up, deploy and effectively analyze the campaigns. translating and tapping services on LinkedIn with bigger goals.

In particular, to support users in the current period, Linked Booster launches a 20% discount program for premium packages. Make work great again with Linked Booster!

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