Best Tool to Collect Linkedin Contact Info
More time saving, less time wasting. We provide the “golden key” to open the treasure of contact information of LinkedIn profiles.

If you are a marketing manager, a business developer… then you know the power of lead data which includes customer contact information. Contact information such as email, phone number allows you to capture the attention of potential customers. If you have a smart campaign to reach your customers via email, phone or social media you will surely succeed.

However, how to get contact information quickly. Many team leads struggle to gather a list of customer contact information including full name, occupation, company, date of birth, social media, email, phone number, etc… Even searching the above information from any source of the highest quality makes them feel difficult.

Contact info on LinkedIn’s profiles

To solve these challenges, we’re excited to announce the newest Linked Booster feature - Allow users to visit/collect and export contact information on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is arguably the best social network to collect the best quality contact. However, LinkedIn no longer gives you the provision to download data from the ‘Privacy’ section. Therefore, you will not be able to extract details like email addresses now. If you have thousands of first-level connections, manually searching for email addresses will take a lot of time.

LinkedIn data download policy

More time saving, less time wasting

This feature is called the “golden key” to open the treasure of contact information of LinkedIn profiles. Linked Booster allows you to scrape all unlimited contact information of 1st-connection (including name, phone number, email, website, social network…) and specific segment of your network . With this vital source of information, you’re one step closer to reaching potential profiles and turning them into your customers.

Collect contact info on LinkedIn Collect contact info on LinkedIn Using it, along with Linked Booster’s other automated features, your team will never have to waste time on manual tasks. Just set it up, forget about it and let Linked Booster take care of the rest. For example: You can automatically snatch a group of leads on LinkedIn. Linked Booster will help you automatically select available contact information when you visit the profile. See more aboutHow To Get LinkedIn Profile With Tags

“Before using the feature Collect contact information, it took us more than 20 working hours per week to manually collect contacts. With Linked Booster we have automated most of our steps. For example, auto scrape potential profiles to Dashboard, when visiting those profiles can automatically collect contact information. It’s great when Linked Booster allows us to automatically extract data as CSV file. This has enabled us to have a complete and detailed list of our loyal customers’ contact information” – Willam, Head of Marketing at Pass Career

How to use this feature

Using this feature is very simple. First, search for a potential list on LinkedIn, using the filter to categorize profiles that belong to 1st connection or 2nd/3rd connection. Next step, scrape those profiles to the Dashboard, we will help you automate this step. As a final step, the profiles in the Dashboard will automatically display all available contact information once you have visited them. You can feel confident that this process is very accurate.

Collect email and phone number from LinkedIn

But it doesn’t end there, we’ve got ideas to improve the feature to make it more complete and save you time getting the best contacts:

  • How to automatically get a large amount of contact information: We will automatically visit a large number of profiles
  • How to get a lot of important contact information: As you know most 1st-connections will allow us to see important information such as email, phone number or social network. At 2nd or 3rd connection, we will rarely see them to make more important information public. So we will help you calculate the number of profiles with lots of important information. Then, give suggestions for you to expand your connection, get more detailed contact information from 1st connection.

Export contact info on LinkedIn

Get started with Linked Booster

Linked Booster is the ideal tool for contact info extraction. Especially if your intention is to expand your business relationship based on the most powerful mediums in terms of connecting with people and networking like LinkedIn. Well, then why wait. Get started with Linked Booster for free. You will be the first customers to experience this amazing feature. If you have any additional feature requests, feel free to reach out to or drop a below message here so we can advise your campaign !

Still got questions? Reach out to us via email, or talk with our chatbot.