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In the case, auto-connect tool suddenly stops

First, please check the extension by clicking the Linked Booster icon on the taskbar.

If the extension freeze, follow this link to fix it ( https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/the-extension-freezes-and-i-cant-open-popup-or-dashboard/ )

After check the extension, it doesn’t freeze, you can remove the profile which is stuck out of your auto-connect list. Then, you connect all your list again.

If you removed that profile and auto-connect tool still stop. Please contact us and we support you to solve this problem.

Email: support@passcareer.io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chloe-nguyen-82593b1a9/


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Technical notes

We shouldn’t run multiple automation features at the same time on Linked Booster. For example: Both auto snatch feature and auto-connect feature is running on your Linked Booster account. 

We should run automation features sequentially. For example: You have finished running the auto-snatch feature. After that, you run the auto-connect feature.

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