How to generate message templates with Parrot AI?
1 year ago

Content writing is a time-consuming, draining, and expensive process for both experienced and amateur LinkedIn users. Parrot solves this problem using AI and social science to generate content backed by marketing experts

Step 1: Go to Dashboard and Click “Message template"

Step 2: Click “Create with Parrot"

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Step 3: Click “What are you looking for"

Step 4: Select your purpose “New connection invitation request” or “pitch your product"

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Step 5: Click “Submit"

Step 6: Click “Submit" to auto-generate more templates

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Step 7: Click to template. You can make some changes if you want.

{{variable}} will be auto-insert text from Linkedin while [[variable]] needs to be inserted manually from the user.

Then you can:

  • Copy to clipboard: Copy the content and use elsewhere
  • Save to your collection: To save this template to your library for later use

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Step 8: After choosing the option “Save to your collection". Enter a name for the template and click “Save”

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