Commercial Use Limit

What does this mean?

LinkedIn calculates your people search usage based on your overall activity on LinkedIn from the first of every calendar month. If you are visiting people who are not your 1st-degree connections, it alerts LinkedIn that you are using it for recruitment or lead generation purposes.

After you hit your commercial use limit, you can only view the first three profiles in your search, the rest will be blurred out and not accessible.

What count toward your commercial use limit?

  1. When you search for LinkedIn profiles (your 2nd and 3d-degree connections) using filters and keywords
  2. It also applies when you are searching for employees of a specific company
  3. When you view profiles People Also Viewed on the right side of the page.

What does not count toward your limit?

  1. When you search and visit your 1st-degree connections from your connections page.
  2. When you are looking for a specific person and type their name in the search.
  3. Search for a job on the Jobs page.

So that, the auto-snatch feature was launch to help you save search results forever.

After you have search results on LinkedIn, you should snatch results to the dashboard. Although you hit your commercial use limit, you still have data on the dashboard to proceed with your work.

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