How To Export LinkedIn Search Results To CSV/EXCEL?

Linked Booster allows users to export LinkedIn search results to csv file. First you need to scrape search results from LinkedIn to Linked Booster dashboard.

If you do not know how to scrape profiles from LinkedIn to Linked Booster Dashboard, please find it here.

  1. Go to dashboard => go to profiles or tag
  2. Select all or some profile from the list
  3. Choose Action to download as CSV file

As part of the export function roll out, we’re introducing exporting files by date format: exported-profiles-[year]-[month]-[day]-[hour]-[minute]-[second].csv so you can track the exported file exactly by date. Your team will never have to waste time by forgetting note about the time. Just download your file with selected profiles, and let Linked Booster take care of the rest. As an example, your file format may look like exported-profiles-2020-08-25-16-57-59.csv

Still got questions? Reach out to us via email, or talk with our chatbot.