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If you are a new user so I want to share our manuals. There, you will find how to use all the features and processes. Our customers acknowledge that this process is effective in their work and saves a lot of time 

    • Install and sign-up
    • Theme
    • Auto-snatch with advance search
    • Pop-up
    • Dashboard: Tag & note, template message,…
    • Auto-connect with a personal message
    • Export to backup data

1. Install and sign-up
Understanding the difficulties of manual LinkedIn users, Linked Booster introduces features that help you make the most of your time, improve productivity, and produce the best results. First, you need to install and register for an account. Try Linked Booster and you won’t be disappointed.

Linked Booster log-in form

How to install and sign-up LB account https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-to-install-and-signup-a-linked-booster-account/

2. Theme
Once installed, you can set your favorite LinkedIn theme. We recommend using “Dark Theme” that will protect your eyes well.

Linked Booster Dark Theme

How can I switch my LinkedIn to dark theme https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-can-i-switch-my-linkedin-to-dark-theme/

3. Auto-snatch with advance search
Finish setup, we begin to build a curated list: It is understood to gather a series of profiles that have common points such as employees of the same company, students of the same school, people of the same position / same skills, … and tag them. With this function, Linked Booster will help you quickly categorize the profiles that have in common will be automatically tagged. After sorting and saving them in Dashboard, you can automatically connect to this special group or export as CSV …

How to scrape profile on LinkedIn https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-to-scrape-profiles-from-linkedin-to-dashboard/

4. Pop-up
In order to help Linked Booster users to manage their LinkedIn accounts in the best way, Linked Booster shows you a board that summarizes the number of connections automatically sent as well as the number of messages and notifications users have on LinkedIn without opening LinkedIn page. You can summon this board by clicking on Linked Booster icon located on the taskbar.

After scrape profile, Click “Go to Dashboard”

5. Dashboard
Your center brain to save all information about your customers. When LinkedIn profiles are saved on the dashboard, they have tags for classification with notes. So when looking at the Dashboard you can see the overall customer situation, depending on how you choose to distinguish, you can classify the data by industry, location, status, date, …

Manage LinkedIn contacts

You might not be aware of a tip to help you get more leads on LinkedIn – Personalized Connection Messages. Of course, you don’t have the time to write everyone a bespoke message but that’s why you have Linked Booster! With a few clicks, you can create a personalized connection message tailored to all of your contacts

How do I set up a connection message https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-do-i-set-up-a-connection-message/

6. Auto-connect feature
Build new connections while you are sleeping: Helps you increase the connection rate up to 200% / week by sending automatic invitations with introductions. Owning a large number of first-degree connections will help sales staff have more opportunities to sell products, help employers quickly find talent, help investors access more potential opportunities.

LinkedIn Auto-connect

How to connect with people on LinkedIn by using Linked Booster https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-to-connect-with-people-on-linkedin-by-using-linked-booster/

7. Export any data feature
Awesome report for your team: after snatch profiles and saving them in Dashboard, you can export data as CSV for reporting or integrate with other services. 

How to export LinkedIn contact from Dashboard to CSV file https://linkedbooster.app/ufaqs/how-to-export-linkedin-contacts-from-dashboard-csv-file/

export LinkedIn contact


With the outstanding feature and process has been 100% acknowledge by customers, I believe you will speed up very quickly and outstrip your competition with the help of Linked Booster.

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