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How to manage 1st degree connections on Linkedin

On Linkedin, you probably have thousands upon thousands of 1st degree connections in your roster. The missing contacts and deals which do not manage well can cost you a thousand of dollars in marketing, sales, and recruiting industry. That’s why we need all the help we can get when it comes to managing our vast contact network on Linkedin.

1. Search for 1st degree connections on Linkedin
Follow the below video and filter your first 1st degree connections on Linkedin

2. Scrape for Linkedin profiles and search
Linked Booster – A utility that is not too strange to LinkedIn users who want to increase and
manage connection. Firstly, the Dashboard (dashboard) – a centralized storage place for all LinkedIn client/candidate profiles when you save them. Then, the Scrape feature (also known as the auto-tag) of Linked Booster is understood to gather a series of profiles that have in common and simultaneously tag them the same. With this function, Linked Booster will help you quickly classify 1st connection, a series of profiles that have common points will be automatically tagged the same with just one simple operation.

3. Read the data in dashboard and export profiles
With the latest version of Linked Booster, after classifying the status of profiles in your circles, you can export data as CSV for reporting, statistics and performance evaluation. The extracted data on LinkedIn will be extremely important to shape and develop the right strategy for you and your company.

4. Conclusion
We can see that the current Linked Booster features have solved the problem of categorizing and managing 1st connection for LinkedIn users. With the Black Friday program in November, Linked Booster offers upto 50% discount on usage plans. Through the outstanding features of Linked Booster, you will easily find, manage and navigate your data on LinkedIn to fully exploit your customers/candidates. If you have managed your candidates well with Linked Booster, please share your experience and let us know below !

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