#1 Linkedin Cold Message Templates With 60% Follow-up 2023
Your customers receive dozens of invitations on LinkedIn every day. How to make your invitation so simple and attractive that customers can not ignore it

First thing to remember when you want to sell something on LinkedIn is that you need to build a relationship with your potential customers.

LinkedIn is a great social network for generating leads and growing your business quickly. On LinkedIn, it’s not hard to find a huge untapped customer base, many of whom are always ready to connect with you, creating countless new opportunities.

However, the key to a successful prospecting campaign lies not only in identifying the right audience but also in the quality of cold messages. When you craft far-reaching messages to build real relationships, you’ll get loads of conversions.

Today, we’ve put together a curated list of the best and proven LinkedIn message templates that users will read. Get ready to start producing serious results!

LinkedIn connection request message templates to a get high reply rate

To start a conversation on LinkedIn, you need to send your potential customers an invitation. The truth is your customers receive dozens of invitations on LinkedIn every day. For this reason, how to make your invitation so simple and attractive that customers can not ignore it. The answer is to be professional, kind, trustworthy, and willing to hear more from the people you’re connecting with. Consider some of the successful templates below that you can incorporate into your new customer outreach strategy.

1. Show them that you and they have something in common

1.1 Show interested in a common field

Hi {{firstName}},

I came across your profile and am really interested in {{company}}’s field. Truly, I would love to connect with you and learn more from you. In detail, I am also sharing a lot of content related to your background in the {{position}} that may be useful to you.

Thank you. Have a nice day!
Hi {{firstName}},

I see that you are {{position}} at {{company}}.

I’m looking to connect with {{position}} professionals like you.


1.2 Leverage shared connections

Hello {{fullName}},

I realize we’re both connected to [Mutual LinkedIn connection] and also really love what you’re doing at your {{company}}. [mutual connection] and I are currently interested in some common issues related to your field. Can I add you to my network? Thank you.
Hey {{lastName}},

We’ve never spoken before, but LinkedIn says we’ve got [number of connections in common]. In the hope that I feel it would be nice to get in touch with you. We’ll have some useful contact and ideas for each other. I also think you might be interested in some of the work I’m doing that could help your team [value from your product]. 

Take care, and hope to hear back from you!

1.3 Group connection

Hello {{firstName}},

I’m [your name]. Recently, I found your profile through [LinkedIn group] and am interested to learn about your background in the {{company}}. I also think I may be able to discuss some useful information to help you in your {{position}}. If you open it, I would love to add you to my network.
Hey {{firstName}},

My name is [your name] and I work for [your company]. We are both members of [LinkedIn group]. As a fellow in the industry, I look forward to connecting with you. Markedly, I am always posting valuable resources and insights around ours. Thought you’d be interested.

1.4 Same university, same company…

Hi {{firstName}},

Didn’t realize you are an alumni of [university] too. Small world!

I am also very impressed with your profile and what you do at {{company}} I would love to connect and share our learnings! Thank you.

2. Express admiration (or make them feel like they’re an inspiration)

Dear {{lastName}},

I’ve been following your work at {{company}} for a while. I really impressed to hear that [something recent and remarkable they’ve done].

Furthermore, I’ve worked with companies like [company name] to put something similar that I think you’ll benefit from in the future. If you’re open to it, I’d love to connect with you for ease of sharing. Thanks!

LinkedIn message templates for building partnerships and boots your sale

Want to develop a strong network of partners on LinkedIn? That is to say you should refer to the cold outreach message templates below because they will make everything easy. I am sure that your partners will read and reply to you. Another key point, when you start with these powerful message templates, you will get countless positive results such as relationship development, network expansion, sales growth, business growth…

1. Template for partnership – Get benefits on both sides

Hi {{fullName}},

I found on your profile that you’re associated with [industry]. I’ve worked with several professionals in [industry] over the last few years and have something helpful for them. I believe that we could mutually benefit from connecting with each other. Would you be open to it?

Take care, and hope to hear back from you!

2. Template for building partnership by getting them referrals

Hey {{firstName}},

Like you, I do a lot of work in the [industry]. I think I might have some useful contacts for you because I’m meeting successful [industry] people to talk to every week and we help each other with introductions to prospects. Any interest in connecting to discuss?

Hope to meet you soon,

Your name.

3. B2b lead generation outreach connection message template

Hello {{lastName}},

I look forward to building a professional relationship in the [industry] space. I’ve worked with companies like {{company}} to bring similar projects to life. If there is anything our business team and I can help with, I would love to discuss.

Please check out our website and I look forward to learning from one another.

4. Invest outreach connection message template

4.1 Investor same industry project

Hi {{firstName}},

It looks like we are both interested in [industry]. I thought I would message you to see if you have any cool project meeting investment. Let’s make some big money moves.

4.2 The funding template

Dear {{fullName}},

Our company [your company]  is looking for investors to embark on our journey. I saw you were an investor in some incredible companies. Any interest to discuss if this opportunity would be relevant?

Thanks for your time.

LinkedIn message templates for creating backlinks

In reality, you can completely build a backlink via LinkedIn. On the other hand, this approach is fast and simple but still ensures the same effect as the email approach. In this case, you need to create a message containing a valuable offer so that the customer has no reason to refuse.

The great message template below really works.

Hello {{firstName}},

I have been following your resource page for some time, and was really impressed by [a topic related to you]. Also, I work with [your company] which [brief description of what the company does and can freely offer]. It might make a good addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your target audience. 

Thought you’d be interested. Let’s connect. 


In the hope that your future outreach campaigns work, we’ve provided some great message templates. As shown above, here are tips for creating the best cold message templates on LinkedIn. In fact, they will benefit you and increase your chances of success.

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In addition, you can see more LinkedIn templates for sales emails and InMails here.

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