Top 5 Ways to Create High Linkedin Page Interaction
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We will share 5 ways to increase the interaction of Linkedin pages very simply, optimize the purpose of this social networking site.

LinkedIn is the largest social networking site in the world for work. Currently, in Asian countries, many companies consider Linkedin to be an important communication and interaction channel with customers, partners, and employers.

In addition to concentrating a lot of office people, spreading out from new graduates to senior leaders of corporations,… the target audience of companies, Linkedin also has a remarkable conversion rate of sales. amazing. Up to 50% of people following the company’s Linkedin page said they are more likely to interact with the company (including cooperation, product purchase of the company,…)

However, not many people know how to optimize this channel. Now we will share 5 ways to increase the interaction of Linkedin pages very simply, optimize the purpose of this social networking site.

1. How to increase the interaction of LinkedIn pages by groups

This is how to increase the interaction of LinkedIn pages in the fastest and simplest way for new users. Because LinkedIn only specializes in knowledge-trading relationships, the content of this social networking site is not as rampant as Facebook. The number of LinkedIn groups is much lower than Facebook’s, people working in the same industry are easier to meet, the number of articles shared in the group has higher access. So, finding the article with the highest number of likes and comments of the week will become extremely easy.

Finding groups on LinkedIn makes it easier for you to reach your target audience.

At this point, your task is to analyze the article, update the target audience’s direction that the company is targeting. From there you have topics, ideas and content you will post on the Linkedin page of the company.

In particular, LinkedIn also supports searching for specific group topics, so you can easily know the questions, the issues that are attracting attention, and the highest discussion. You just need to join the group where the target audience is involved, type the topic and press the search button.

Tip: Groups are a great place to test new status before posting on the company’s website.

2. Update status regularly

According to Linkedin’s research data, posting status in the morning brings the highest number of interaction.

For those who do not have much time to post status manually, we introduce you to Hootsuite software. This is a software that automatically updates the status on Linkedin, allowing you to schedule posts for the entire week, at any time. Besides, this software is also used for most other applications such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter,…

Tip: Keep a close eye on the number of impressions (Impression), interaction (Engagement) numbers and other interactive statistics. This will help you find out when the post has the highest number of impressions, the best interaction, the most interesting topic, as well as the reason for the less-attractive article.

3. Post photos, questions, or create a little game

Like other social networks, posting with images and links will bring the highest interaction effect. You can take advantage of this to increase traffic for a website, blog with related content that you create for the target audience. Adding images to the article helps attract attention.

Besides, with the contests, minigames help the post get more interaction, attract more potential audiences.

4. Link and promote LinkedIn pages on other channels.

Simply increase the interaction of your company’s LinkedIn page by promoting on other sites such as Facebook, Youtube, websites, especially putting customer reviews through the above platforms. In addition to increasing the interaction, the amount of links to Linkedin pages makes it even more reliable.

Tip: Try posting long, short reviews on your landing page (can be a website, Facebook or any other channel you want to focus on) to see which form works best before you post simultaneously.

5.Expand your social networks to a larger number of contacts

For personal accounts on LinkedIn, increasing the number of connections is also a way to increase interaction. This way increases the reach for each article you share.

Owning an account with a large number of connections to share articles from the LinkedIn page you manage greatly helps increase interaction for the article.

Tip: Try This App for Chrome. Linked Booster is a web extension, the one that allows you to auto interact with your targeted customers, visit hundreds of profiles a day, get access to your personal CRM page, support social selling, and even generate LinkedIn users lead…

Linked Booster will help you expand your social networks to a larger number of contacts In conclusion, 5 steps above are simple steps to increase the amount of interaction -follow for the company’s LinkedIn pages. As long as you have a worthy investment in this channel, the things you record will be perfectly reasonable.

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