Linkedin Tips for Salespeople to Use Each Day
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On LinkedIn, you can find just about anybody that might be a prospect, partner, or maybe even just a good person to know in your industry

As salespeople, we are always interested in growing our networks, and LinkedIn is the ideal platform for that. On LinkedIn, you can find just about anybody that might be a prospect, partner, or maybe even just a good person to know in your industry. So using LinkedIn in a clever way is one of the most important things that sales reps need to know to survive in their industry. Let’s list some useful tips for salespeople to make great use of LinkedIn on a daily basis!

1. Make sure you know best about your customers!

Careful research on customers is always one of the things that sellers must pay attention to. Before communicating to convince them to buy your product, take the time to review their LinkedIn profile. The details on a profile can give you more information than you think.

Seeing their title can help you know if this is the right prospect for you to approach.

Paying attention to their articles and post will help you determine what they are interested in, as well as their thoughts from which to target better customer research.

2. Groups on LinkedIn is one of the best places to get attention for your product!

LinkedIn has discussion groups that you can join. Look for groups where your prospects are. If you are selling products for marketers, then look for some groups about marketing. Join some groups for salespeople. As you connect with folks on LinkedIn, look at the groups they are members of, which you can see towards the bottom of their profile. Join some of these groups that you found through your network. There can also be great power in starting your own group, which will give you the ability to send mass emails to the members.

Membership in the same group as a prospect can be another touch point when doing cold outreach. LinkedIn Groups allow you to keep an eye on, and participate in, the conversations happening in these forums, which can result in some sales opportunities.

3. Keep your activities regularly on LinkedIn!

Write articles, post statuses or simply comment on other people’s posts to keep a certain interaction with the people you have connected to. This makes it easier for you to reach them. Relationships are always built on interactions over time. You can’t suddenly ask them if they want to buy your products when they’re not even aware of you, right?

Regularly posting about your product update or sharing blog posts from your company’s website is also a good idea to create basic insights for the customers you want to reach when they are in your network.

4. Using a tool to help expand your connections in a less stubborn way!

This Handy Tool will help you save more time sending daily connection invitations on LinkedIn. Instead of the daily routine of taking the time to send invitations to potential customers, a job that can get you bored, you can now enjoy your hot coffee while leaving the tool help you itself.

It’s great if boring manual processes can perform automatically and still achieve your set goals, isn’t it?

Do you have any more ways that you use LinkedIn on a daily basis? Share your tips below! To take your LinkedIn to the next level and incorporate these LinkedIn tips and tricks into your process of sales, check out Our Blog for more useful advice. We’d be happy to talk to you and see which avenue is best for your business!

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