Guide to Develop Buyer Personas That Drives Sales ( Part 1)
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A buyer persona is a person who represents the company’s ideal customer. Customers are the key factor to define your business and lead you to be a tremendous success. So how can we understand customer profiles?

1. What is buyer persona ?

Working in internet era, you should probably hear about buyer persona, even not you should be crucial to know about it.

Definition A buyer persona is a person who represents the company’s ideal customer.

Customers are the key factor to define your business and lead you to be a tremendous success. So how can we understand customer profiles?

In detail, let’s start with some basic information. Tell me if you should know your customer first name, email, what about their location and hometown?

  • Location: Customer living place is important. If you are selling an air conditioner or fridge, it may not be suitable for a marketing renter who keeps moving around the city
  • Marital status: For transportation company case, they try to gain customer’s marital status. Mercedes sedan E200 car may fit for James when he was single. In 2020, he married during the Covid-19, so he needs to upgrade to GLE 300 for a larger SUV to have a bigger space for the food and baby.
  • Education background: “Stanford alumni can receive extra 20% off for online Computer Science degree” this marketing is popular and you may receive the same quote from your school. Forthwith, growing your business at early stage and reaching out to school alumni network can be a great strategy! You should research and develop one primary persona and present it to the company. Furthermore, there are some available online resources such as Hubspot, Xtensio, Userforge to make different buyer personas. Invite your colleagues to feedback, revise together and share happy moment of recognizing users.

2. Make a connection from your brand to the buyer persona

Who wants your product? For Linked Booster case, our customers can be a marketer, sales, entrepreneur, an office manager who wants to sell, engage, and manage Linkedin connections. We value you as premium professionals, who want to be productive, creative, and work smart at the same time. Henceforth, we love to hear from our customer for upgrading new features, the high review help us feel proud and motivating , the low review open chances to improve at quick level ! If you are selling a fiction book, probably your audience can be kids, teens, from 6 to 18 years old. If you are selling a massage chair, your audience can be office man with age from 25 to even 60. Important to remember that you need to relate the persona to what you are offering. If not, the information won’t be so necessary even be redundant. You can multiple X your sales summary and earn much more money by understanding your customer thoroughly.

3. How to get data from buyer personas

We bet that you will first think of your happy customers so they have already purchased and loved your product. They can tell which flagship features can help you to go further and become unique selling points.

In the mean time, allow us to look at your customer churn rate, which features make the customer unhappy about your product? List them out, may you find duplicate customers to report your bug. One effective to list out your bug by different levels, WARN-1, WARN-2, WARN-3, depends on critical bug level to request bug fix . The faster way you react to customer problems, the stronger your product retention going.

Interviewing existing customers may not cost you extra money as well while spending external effort to learn more about a new one – the ones who have never used your product before.

Henceforth, we can consider different tactics to get data from customer:

In-app survey:

Sooner or later user onboarding with your product, the informational survey can pop out with information include : customer career, current position, company size, which details feature user may consider to focus on. Instabug, SurveyMonkey provides some method and internal tool to get this direct data and research from users.

Data analytics platform:

All departments in the company should understand about buyer persona and we all share direct benefits to understand thoroughly. In particular, Netflix is now dominating the online movie world and and concentrate on learning user behavior by their big data.

Sometimes, you just have a strange feeling that Netflix even understands more about you than your partner!

According to Netflix, 75% of viewer activity is based on personalized recommendations. Netflix collects several points of its subscribers. It is far more detailed than the conventional way to collect information.

Netflix machine learning provide the ability to automate millions of decision based on user activities and define user persona. After watching Casino Royale, Netflix may recommend Sherlock Holmes by recommendation engine learn from the humane within same subset and movie style. As shown above, every brand can make their first step by integerating third-party analytics platform such as Firebase, Amplitude, Twilio Segment. In the final analysis of user persona and activities, you will get enough data to make further better product.

User online research:

Knowing customer email, first and last name can help you to indicate their online social profiles include Linkedin, Facebook, Github, Stackoverflow . Some features provider may list out: Hunter, Orbitly.

4. Have you asked the customer’s career and income?

Career history can tell many things about the customer, which they will purchase, where do they live, their shopping habits. Here is the buyer persona:

Let’s say Jack – a Product Manager from San Francisco who makes $90000 a year after taxes as a product manager.

Please take a look at customer spending:

  • He spends $24000 yearly on housing, $5000 for food and restaurant, $6000 on transportation
  • $2000 on insurance
  • $10000 will be spent on stock investing and other investments.
  • Probably $5000 on dating, vacation

So the total money Jack has left $ 43000. Hence, can they afford to buy your Chair with $300 ? Jack will be suitable for your business. In another way, If car dealer is trying to sell a Maserati Quattroporte – Starting from $107,980, then Jack will need to make a down payment first for 25% then have a monthly payments plan for 2 years, this transaction can be harder to happen!


Since you have probably learned the first lesson by understanding more about your beloved customer, in part 2, we will together explore opportunities for marketing and drive bigger sales. Also, which data will you include in your buyer personas to lead better generation on your tech product?

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