Deal With Linkedin Search Limits
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With your frequency in using LinkedIn, you probably notice that LinkedIn has its own search limits. So, how to deal with it

With LinkedIn’s development as a professional social network in the field of work, users’ essential needs are to expand relationships so that all co-development becomes more convenient. Naturally, you can use LinkedIn to your maximum advantage by creating a strong profile, connect with more people, be active in groups and grow your network day by day. With your frequency in using LinkedIn, you probably notice that LinkedIn has its own search limits.

So, what is LinkedIn search limits?

LinkedIn limits the number of search results each profile can view, following this:

  • For a standard account, the results will stop displaying at 1000 profiles or 100 pages.
  • For Sale Navigator, the results will also stop at 1000 profiles or 40 pages.

That means that even if your search result brings more profiles but you can’t view all of them. So being limited to a certain number of profiles that could be view becomes a no-one issue. How to overcome that barrier?

Luckily, we have some solutions for you!

1. The power of the boolean search.

For sure, in thousands of total search results, they are not all your right target audience. So be smart in your way of searching to make your searches more efficient, convenient, and successful. In this case, the boolean search will be your most powerful tool to find out the best and the most prevalent audience.

Want to find more tips about how to become a master in using the boolean search? Our article Boolean Search, Top 6 Tips For You While Searching On LinkedIn will be your favorite!

2. Save your search results into your own database with Linked Booster.

In order not to repeat the time-consuming search operations, you can save the search results list, thereby creating your own database by using Linked Booster Tool. Giving tags and adding several high quality leads on LinkedIn to your personal CMR page automatically. This tool will help you create your lists of data based on your search results.

Once you connect with a profile in your target industry, it becomes your 1st-degree connection, which means it will open up more new leads in your search. And yes, this is another way of viewing more profiles.

In conclusion, LinkedIn search limits will be no longer be a barrier when you know how to combine solutions with each other. We hope this blog post was helpful and you got some ideas to try out yourself. To take your LinkedIn to the next level and incorporate these LinkedIn tips and tricks into your social media marketing strategy, check out Our Blog for more useful advice. We’d be happy to talk to you and see which avenue is best for your business!

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