5 Killer Linkedin Tips for Beginner at Recruitment
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LinkedIn has long been a close partner to employers. But how effective are you when it comes to using LinkedIn for recruiting?

LinkedIn has long been a close partner to employers. But how effective are you when it comes to using LinkedIn for recruiting? How you communicate on the platform can either hook the perfect candidate or scare them away. If you’re a new headhunter and you’re still not used to a lot of potential candidates on LinkedIn. So this article is for you.

Let’s start by exploring simple, easy-to-follow tips for beginners to reach your talented candidates on LinkedIn!

1. The more you research, the easier it will be for you to reach the candidates

Great outreach always stems from great research. As a recruiter or headhunter, you need to show candidates that you have taken the time and done your homework, or you risk getting no response at all. Don’t just read the candidate’s LinkedIn bio, check their education and work history, and their strengths, skills, and endorsements. What groups and influencers do they follow? Find commonalities and include them in your outreach messages.

2. Personalize the message as much as possible

As a recruiter, you’re constantly reaching out to candidates -possibly hundreds (if not more) every week. It can be tempting to craft generic message templates to simply copy and paste. However, candidates can tell immediately if the message is personal to them or just a template.

Taking the extra time to craft a personal message can greatly boost your success rates during the recruitment process. Focus on commonalities such as mutual connections, past experience, education, or influencers and groups that you both follow. Use the great research you did in the first tip, to craft a highly personalized message that shows you took the time to research each candidate.

3. Your message should be less than 150 words

Oh come on, you’re texting a potential candidate and not writing a novel. In fact, candidates may only be in your messages for no more than three seconds. Aim to keep your message shorter than 150 words. Be clear, concise and straightforward. This can greatly improve your talent acquisition strategy.

4. Don’t waste time on personal introductions

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be personal. It simply means that introductions such as “Hi, I’m Head of Talent Acquisition at (company)” are unnecessary. In a LinkedIn chat window, your name is in the header. If a candidate wants to find out more, then they can always check out your profile. It’s much more effective to use the first line to really grab the attention of the candidates by talking directly about them like the following examples:

Your recent article published on Medium last week really grabbed my attention. I really enjoyed the last post you shared in the Content Marketing group The resources you linked to in your recent post were really informative and useful. Make it about them, not you.

5. Use tools to make your work easier

Are you thinking there seems to be something important that hasn’t been mentioned in the tips above? How can you find the most talented candidates to connect with them? Oh, of course, this important thing is indispensable. And we need a little help here to save more time. What about a tool to help you automatically connect to potential candidates? Great! You have it Here! Linked Booster with its excellent features can help you a lot in hiring.

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