Catch Linked Booster Black Friday Deals – Sale Upto 60%
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Linked Booster is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools out there with features driving over 10,000 users crazy from Google, Harvey Nash, Texas Instrument

Linked Booster is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools out there with features driving over 10,000 users crazy from Google, Harvey Nash, Texas Instrument. Also, this brand is gradually asserting its reputation through good customer care services and regularly launching promotions to save maximum for users.

1. About features

Understanding the struggles of a manual Linkedin user, Linked Booster introduces features that help you make the most of your time, improve productivity, and produce the best results. I believe you will speed up very quickly and outstrip your competition with the help of Linked Booster. The most outstanding features of Linked Booster below make any user feel a flutter:

  • Auto-connect feature: Helps you increase the connection rate up to 200% / week by sending automatic invitations with introductions. Owning a large number of first-degree connections will help sales staff have more opportunities to sell products, help employers quickly find talent, help investors access more potential opportunities. Dashboard Linked Booster

  • Dashboard: A place to save all information about your customers. When LinkedIn profiles are saved on the dashboard, they have tags for classification with notes. So when looking at the Dashboard you can see the overall customer situation, depending on how you choose to distinguish, you can classify the data by industry, location, status, date, …

  • Auto-collect with tag feature: It is understood to gather a series of profiles that have common points and tag them at the same time. With this function, Linked Booster will help you quickly categorize connections, profiles that have a common point will be automatically tagged the same with just some simple operations.

  • Export data feature: after classifying the state of profiles and saving them in Dashboard, you can export data as CSV for reporting, statistics, and performance evaluation. The extracted LinkedIn data will be extremely important to shape and develop the right strategy for you and your company.

2. Customer service

  • Linked Booster always offers users at least a 7-day free trial of the tool.
  • All user guidelines on how to use the tool are described by the video which is easy to understand for first-time customers.
  • 100% of customer questions will be responded to by Linked Booster as soon as possible.
  • The Linked Booster team is always listening to customer feedback and releasing more popular features.

3. Price

  • Linked Booster always has special offers they will offer during special holidays.
  • Regularly following the website or subscribing to the Linked Booster email will help you get the latest information about the hottest promotions and voucher codes to easily buy your favorite items at the lowest price at Linked Booster.
  • If you are a new customer and buy a premium Linked Booster plan this Black Friday, you will get great Linked Booster discounts up to 60%.
  • With the Linked Booster Best Discount package, it only costs around $3/ month to use all the great automated Linkedin features that help you grow, manage, and exploit your connection.
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