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In order not to miss any high quality leads on LinkedIn, Linked Booster now offers the feature to save the user’s search results to csv/excel file, attach tags automatically according to the search results to support users build your own database.

You can find LinkedIn profiles of employees in a company, profile of students in a school,… and Linked Booster helps you export search results to csv/excel file.

Follow a few simple step below to scrape profile of company employee.

  1. Open LinkedIn search FOR company page
  2. Type company name in your search box.
  3. Click “See all …. Employees on LinkedIn”.
  4. Use filters of LinkedIn to reach your list of target people.
  5. Click “Snatch found results” (If you don’t see the button, please F5 page)
  6. Select the number of profiles you want to save to the Dashboard
  7. Fill in tag for profiles
  8. Wait process to finish and go to dashboard
  9. Select all profiles on the list and choose action “Export”

You can watch this video on how to get and export the list of employees’s LinkedIn in company. You can do the same thing to get the list of student’s LinkedIn in university

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