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Meet your new partner – Linkedin Audit

1. What is Linkedin Audit?

Let’s start here, one of the most important skills for salesman https://blog.topohq.com/sales-skills-18-skills-every-salesperson-master/

Sales Skills: 18 Skills Every Salesperson Should Master

Since we assisted you with Linked Booster, we’ve recognized that polish your Linkedin profile can deliver a huge difference. Linked Booster will review your whole Linkedin profile step by step with our proven method. We have seen customers who received significant views, search increases by 40% time after using Linkedin Audit. Together with Linked Booster automation platform, Linkedin Audit will be a sweet catalyst to deliver for you a WOW experience on Linkedin platform.
Say goodbye to low response rate and engagement views, with our new process Linkedin Audit, it’s better than ever to make your own experience.

2. How can Linkedin Audit help you?

Our human and AI-powered will cross-check your sections information in Linkedin profile and give you improving suggestions.

The first thing that comes to impress users is your Linkedin headline and summary sections. Optimize and revise for this section can lead to 10x new customers. If you have already known about SEO in search engines, skills and endorsements play essential roles in Linkedin search results. Getting significant endorsement for skills from Linked Booster suggestion to create powerful search magnet for your profile, you can be easier to get notices by the expert search result. To get more details, please visit our new product here.

With 6 essential steps, we are confident to refresh and bring a killer Linkedin profile will catch your customer love at first sight and bring ultimate opportunity to the future.

3. How long will we deliver the report?

After you submit your Linkedin profile as a PDF file or give us your Linkedin Profile, we can start to review and give you suggestions from 1 to 5 business days. You can tell us your results after one month to see how is it going

4. Special deal for Linked Booster user 

If you have already purchased Linked Booster, Linkedin Audit only costs you $ 99 ( 25% off from the original price $ 129).

Linked Booster + Linkedin Audit will be the perfect combination that guarantees your Linkedin success.

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