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Hello, our dear customer!

We, Linked Booster, are offering LinkedIn automation solutions to support entrepreneur recruiters, marketers, sales around the world to help you earn the best profit.


What you get from Sales/Recruiting or Marketing on LinkedIn with Linked Booster

  • Auto-send personalized invitations: Just clicking “Connect All” on search page results or “Connect all profiles” from Dashboard page and Linked Booster will help you make meaningful connections faster and more easily. Relieve your work on LinkedIn. Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee. Why not? Just enjoy the automation.
  • If you are looking for leading generation solutions then Linked Booster can help you with Auto-snatch and Auto-visit features. These will be a great match to generate from hundreds to thousands of new customers by collecting, engage and export connections.
  • Power of personalization: Want to manage your LinkedIn 1st-degree professional network by Auto-tag, Auto-message, notes, filter 10000 LinkedIn connections by the most scientific way – Linked Booster contact manager is for you!
  • Utilize unlimited Data: You are free to export available contact information (Email, phone number, SN urls) into CSV format.
  • Linked Booster lets you automated LinkedIn activities and manages 1st-degree connections in a new way to optimize your time in the platform to earn the best revenue.
  • Be trendy with dark themes: Black text on a white background is too boring. Change your LinkedIn theme with your most favorite dark themes.

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Now we want to offer you an exclusive Lifetime Deal (LTD), for our early adopters. You can get 90% off in this special and limited sale. Pay once and use lifetime. You can have access to most of the premium features as long as you can and fully rocket your business!

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